event Logo vs event Branding

event Logo vs event Branding

Why do we need event branding if we can only produce a logo?

To begin with, your event logo is not your event brand. Branding is often confused with logo production but guess what? It is clearly not.

Event branding is the result of a long and sophisticated process that includes not only your event culture and overall atmosphere but also the very essence of who you are as a host expressed in a logo. Event brand is just a part of your overall event identity which includes a series of complex marketing procedures in order to be formed.

Event logo on the other hand, is a simple graphic representation of your event. Period.

«An event brand is simply a marketing practice in which a company or organization creates a name, symbols, colours, messaging, and imagery that distinguish a unique identity for an event. »

Branding is expressed in several ways and all serve a unique purpose to the overall development of your event’s story:

  1. Logos
  2. Websites
  3. Applications
  4. Graphic Designs
  5. Colors
  6. Marketing material (email marketing, social media marketing etc)
  7. Messages

To be clear, logos serve multiple purposes as being part of a brand, therefore they are extremely important. But they are not the only thing you must focus on when you build an event identity.

The event branding process is actually what makes the difference among events and its careful design and execution is what distinguishes event success from failure.

As a result, there are many reasons to go a step further and choose branding, when it comes to planning an event. More specifically:

  1. Increase event experience. Hidden meanings will reassure your guests that your event is meticulously designed.
  2. Event recognition. The graphic representation of your event (logo) will help people not only to recognize it but also to remember it.
  3. Developing attendee trust. The more your company provides for its guests the more they trust it.
  4. Attendee satisfaction. Branding reassures your guests that your event is not only successful but it also meets advanced quality standards.

Businesses even more reasons to choose event branding for their next event:

  1. Advanced marketing and advertising methods. Event branding process sets the ground for advanced marketing and promotional methods to get in motion in order to increase event’s recognition and establish identity.
  2. Bring in new customers. Extensive marketing of your event, as being a standard part of event branding procedure, results in more people wanting to know what you up to.
  3. Brand recognition. A well designed event branding campaign (and logo) will expose your event to multiple social networks therefore it will increase its recognition rapidly and massively.
  4. Increase sales. What happens what we achieve recognition and trust? SALES, SALES, SALES.
  5. Employee satisfaction. It is proven that employees’ demonstrate a high level of satisfaction when they are being part of well-established companies.
  6. Spread company’s culture. Brands have company’s culture behind them. Through well designed advertising methods, your company becomes known and people are encouraged to learn more about your company’s philosophy and services.
  7. Increase business value. A tailored branding campaign gives value to your company as it provides customers the feeling of trust, quality and consideration.
  8. Create customer expectation. Every time your customers give a glimpse at your brand, will expect the same level of quality services.


Event branding is an extremely useful tool either for a private or a corporate event.  Through targeted marketing and advertising tactics your event becomes easily recognizable and your brand a quality symbol.

We, by all means, encourage corporations to include event branding in their overall marketing strategy since we have noticed huge differences on sales and overall business evolvement between companies having and not having followed that path.

Professional Event Planning Analysed: Why Your Event Needs It

Professional Event Planning Analysed: Why Your Event Needs It

Have you ever wondered, why an event planner is absolutely necessary for the development and execution of your event?

By experience, I can reassure you that the events that have been developed by an event planner meet more quality standards than those who don’t. By hiring an event planner you not only save money but you also upgrade your event by offering your guests a memorable experience and a perfect outcome to enjoy.

This article analyses the 8 most important ways event planning meets your event requirements and how it becomes an absolute necessity for your next event.

As an event host/hostess you have various needs and desires that must be fulfilled before, during and after the event you are hosting. Those objectives are as important as the event itself and must be highlighted and well taken care of in order to achieve event success.

So, let us dive a little deeper into how event planners actually meet your goals.

1. YOU NEED TO ENJOY YOUR EVENT. Event planning is not an easy task and becomes harder when you have a busy schedule. Your event needs to be perfect but you don’t know where to start from. It is also quite common to miss the whole picture or not being fully aware of the entire to-do list. A well-trained and experienced event planner knows every little detail that needs to be taken care of and has all the time of the world to invest into making your event looking and feeling wonderful. You don’t need to do a thing apart from setting the event tone and simply sit back and enjoy the final outcome. Your event planner knows the rest.

2. YOU NEED GRACEFUL EVENT STYLING. What event planners do best is event styling. On top of that, they also have decorating skills and an artistic eye on combining textures, colors and materials. A well trained event planner apart from having styling expertise and creative ideas has also the background to creatively decorate the hosting venue and create a delightful and eye-catching outcome.

3. YOU NEED EVERYTHING TO BE IN PLACE. We know that is the kind of event we all love having. You need everything to run smoothly and be on the right place the right time. Event planners know that extremelly well and therefore the event master plan they design includes every possible task. To be always ahead of things, they also prepare for a plan B, in case something goes wrong. Last, do not forget that event planners cooperate with the very best event professionals. They seek for perfection (maybe more than you) and therefore they connect with trustworthy and dependable partners whose services meet high quality standards.

4. YOU NEED SERIOUS EVENT TIME MANAGEMENT. Event planning can be extremely time-consuming and unless your time management skills are superb, you might get lost along the way and lose significant time. Don’t forget that event planners plan events every day therefore they are very well aware of the importance of time management. They are excellent in prioritizing your needs and attributing event tasks along the timeline. A professional planner knows the to-do-list inside out and makes sure that the tasks are carefully checked (and double-checked) and have received the proper attention.

5. YOU NEED TO STAY CALM. We believe that stress is a very important factor when it comes to event designing. The least you want is enormous stress to jump in and destroy your big smile.  When it comes to stress handling, event planners master at manipulating anxiety episodes as they have the experience and the training to know what to do and when to do it.

6. YOU WANT REASONABLE PRICES AND TO STAY WITHIN BUDGET. Budget preparation is one of the main tasks event planners do for their clients. Provided that an event planner has profound knowledge of the market choices available, you will be offered options (including their alternatives) to choose from in order the end result to be what you have dreamt for and strictly within budget.

7. YOU NEED A TRUSTED & TESTED RESULT. Your event has no room for mistakes or disasters. To avoid that, event planners have several back-plans in mind when designing an event. So, when plan A is not working as expected, they move quickly to plan B. Also, they are cooperating with a list of trusted and tested (under many circumstances) dependable event professionals whom the services are frequently using to develop great events. As mentioned before, what actually elevates an event by hiring an event planner, are these well-establish connections.

8. YOU WANT YOUR EVENT’S BUSINESS OBJECTIVES TO BE MET. Event master plan designing is core to event development and entails much more than a fun gathering setting. In the digital era, event success is multitasking. On top of everything else, nowadays, events need branding, digital event planning, and social media marketing. To go one step further, when it comes to business events, the objectives are numerous (company culture, bonding, promotion etc.) and their fulfilment is much more crucial. As a result, they need extensive event designing in order to be met. Professional planners’ expertise will help you understand your event objectives and they will provide you the grounds to build your event brand and design your digital marketing campaign.


Event planning can be a challenging and extremely stressful process as it entails a long to-do list with several time-consuming and challenging tasks to deal with.

Hiring an event planner for your next event apart from saving you money (yes!) it will also save you time. You will feel that you have everything under control while you are not being actually the one putting the effort. As a result, the final outcome will be stunning and your guests will be amazed by your thoughtful event hosting.

Wedding website explained: the need behind the trend

Wedding website explained: the need behind the trend

“Is a wedding website really necessary?” I have got to answer this question often lately.

To be exact, the real question behind it is this; “how is it even possible to organize an event effectively without having a digital tool involved?” This question is even more crucial nowadays that technology has stepped so deeply into our lives.

So, before answering it, let’s take a look at the definition of a wedding website first. A wedding website is a digital tool that includes every possible piece of information your guests might need to know about a coming event. It is prepared long before the big day and it involves analytical information concerning the event day as well as the days before and after the event. Practically, it is a guide that is giving solutions to all the possible issues that might concern your guests while their stay at your chosen destination i.e flights, transportation, accommodation, dining options, tourist guides and many, many more.

“How am I able to deal with it since I have a limited technological knowledge?”. The truth is that that there is a big dispute around wedding websites. They are still questionable by couples since some of them don’t feel familiar with technology. Or they feel overwhelmed by keeping up with it. This might be true but, in our opinion, a wedding website is one of the greatest tools a modern couple can implement while planning an event. One cannot ignore that research shows that wedding websites are highly valued by guests for their effectiveness and handiness.

We also have to highlight that to achieve the golden combination of usefulness, effectiveness and creativity, wedding websites should be prepared and followed up by a professional wedding expert with the skill to develop websites. That way, you make sure that your website will not only include all the necessary information that your guests need but it also will be presented with grace and style. At this point, we have to underline the importance of beautiful and creative presentation of the material included in a website. We can reassure you that plain information won’t do the job. Your site needs to be beautiful, appealing and easy to use and in order to achieve all that you need a creative person behind it that knows what he is doing. By experience, such an investment worths every single cent of it. Not to mention that it will save you tons of time that you should have to invest into other aspects of your wedding.

I still bet that you are asking yourselves “Is it a right fit for my wedding? Or it is just a trend that many follow?” So, let’s dive more into it.

Weddings websites can do much more than just replacing a paper invitation. Let’s name some of the most important benefits a wedding website can offer:

1. STRESS SAVER. No one can deny that weddings can be stressful if not properly and timely handled. This is actually the main reason we simply love wedding websites. If prepared by a professional wedding planner, they provide a way to put everything together and keep them under control up to the last minute. And what happens when we have everything under control? We get to enjoy the event without having stress.

2. ORGANIZATION. Planning and preparing a wedding is by itself, hard work. If this is the case, how about you getting some digital help? Let’s name a few things that can be included in a wedding website:

  • Digital Invitation and RSVPs.  Your wedding invitation can be distributed within minutes to all your guests without having to worry about misposting it. Furthermore, information regarding attendance can be collected easily (with the press of a button). The booking information you need for your venue, number of favors and all other issues can be now easily collected. Not to mention how accurate your budget planning can be since you won’t make purchases that you would have to cancel later on.
  • Travelling & tourist tips (flights, accommodation suggestion, transportation, dining possibilities, activities, tourist guides, sightseeing etc). We have all visited a place and not even knowing anything about it. Every piece of information your guests might need, from accommodation to trasportation timetables, will be mentioned in the tourist guide included and this again is a time, stress and money saver.
  • Gift registries. A wedding website can mention all the possible ways your guests can send you a wedding gift. The details of your gift registry or the link to your online gift registry can be there. You can, by all means, mention the number of your bank account for those who prefer to offer you money instead of a gift. Further details can also be mentioned such a the name of the person you have appointed to collect the gifts at the venue.
  • Special requests- Dietary requirements. Imagine you have invited a celiac patient to your reception and at the last minute you are finding out that there is nothing available for him to eat or drink. A wedding website can assist you in being more considerate with your guests and trying to approach their needs with the utmost sensitivity. Treating the needs of people with special dietary requirements or other special needs with consideration reveals the humane profile of yours and elevates your wedding to a fully new experience.
  • F.A.Q. Having a frequently asked question tab to your website is a way to answer several questions to guests who are hesitate to ask. Trust us, many questions have been answered by simply adding this to a website.

3. INSTANT DELIVERY OF INFORMATION (from & to your guests). When we say instant, we mean instant! The second you upload your site on the internet, it can be easily accessed by all guests. Within minutes all the information would be spread and everybody will learn everything there is to know about the upcoming event.

4. LAST MINUTE CHANGES. Having technology on your side, your guests can be informed with the latest changes on your schedule within seconds. Isn’t that great?

5. BIG DAY SNEAK PEAK. A tailored wedding website could be an excellent way of giving your guests sneak peek information of your big day. Your digital tool is going to give your guests a glimpse of what to expect on your wedding day (decoration information, colour palette, etc). Other information can as well be displayed in order to set the tone of the day and how your event is going to be. To give you a hint, a usual practice is an insight into your relationship (how you met, when and how he proposed, etc).

6. ESTABLISHMENT OF COMMUNICATION. We all have attended weddings that the guests didn’t know enough about the couple since were are coming either from the bride’s or the groom’s side. That issue is no longer a problem provided a wedding website has been put into the game. All the information a guest needs in order to attend the event is there as they are fully informed about the couple’s story, relatives etc. This is a wonderful way to make your wedding a personalized experience since all your guests won’t miss a single piece of information and will feel more engaged to the experience you are offering them.

7. MONEY SAVER. It is a fact that wedding expenses are easily piling up. Many of these expenses can be easily replaced by investing only in a single thing; a wedding website. That way, one can erase several items of a wedding to-do list such as invitations, phone calls, booking arrangements, details that must be confirmed more than once with your guests. You will definetyly enjoy the amount of money saved!

8. ECO-FRIENDLY. A wedding website promotes ecological sustainability. It is a fact that our planet needs our attention and a wedding is a perfect opportunity to prove it. A website gives you the chance to achieve everything you that would have been done in paper without using it. Saving the paper from invitations, RSVPs, thank you cards and all the other paper, plastic and fabric material that go with them (stamps, envelopes, etc), you pay the planet-and your pocket-a favor.

9. POST-WEDDING SHARING OF MEMORIES. A wedding website can be an excellent way to communicate all the after-party details to your guests. Photos of the ceremony and the reception can be uploaded on the website after the event ends and stay there for as long as you decide to maintain the website. You can keep your memories from your event alive and you and your guests can go back and relive it as many times as they like. After all, nice things become nicer when shared.


A wedding website is an excellent, low-budget digital tool for communicating your wedding details and all the latest news of your event. It is wonderful to know what a huge impact a click of a button can do on the overall planning of your wedding.

Our suggestion is to definitely go for it provided you make use the experience of a wedding expert while preparing for it. Such a wonderful tool needs special attention since both creative and organizational skills need to be put into motion in order to achieve its purpose.

The Benefits of a Micro Wedding

The Benefits of a Micro Wedding

Have you ever considered of having a micro-wedding? Well, we have to admit that we are huge fans of that kind of wedding. Actually, it is a small-scale wedding with a downsized wedding guest list (up to 40). In fact, it incorporates and honours all traditions that weddings entail but on a much smaller scale.

Over the last 2 years this type of wedding has become a huge trend. Many couples tend to select it since it has several benefits and hardly any drawbacks.

So, let’s have a closer look into these advantages.

1. QUALITY. A choice of a micro-wedding turns the spotlights on what you really desire to have on your big day. To be exact, it leaves you plenty of room to make choices that suit your needs the best, (i.e vendors, venue, dress, etc) since you are providing for a small scale event. For that matter, your choices are based on quality and not quantity and this makes a huge impact on the overall result of your event.

2. ROMANCE. A micro-wedding, above all, is romantic. A beautiful scenery away from home can be easily turned into a wedding destination combined with a honeymoon. Staying a few days more won’t hurt anyone, right? Since the guest list is small, a meaningful and delightful destination can be easily selected and make the result as memorable as possible.

3. SMALL GUEST LIST. By definition, micro-weddings have a limited guest list, which varies from 15 to 40 guests. Since such an option needs substantially less time and effort for its preparation, it allows you to make quality arrangements for your beloved ones. Also, it can be a good opportunity to choose to involve your guests into other in-nature activities and transform your event into an outdoor adventure. This could be an excellent way to enhance their pre and after wedding experience and make your event an unforgettable memory.

4. COST-EFFECTIVE. One could easily derive that micro weddings are way cheaper than open weddings. This is basically the case, but our experience says that when couples plan for a micro wedding usually make more expensive choices per person. People often support quality-oriented choices that fill perfectly their guests’ needs as opposed to budget-oriented ones that is actually the case, when preparing a large wedding.

5. CUSTOMIZATION. Micro weddings provide you with the freedom to customize the big or smaller details of it. Your choices are endless and can be fully tailored to your needs and desires. Since you are planning a small-scale event, you get the freedom to make meaningful and customized choices that reflect the very essence of who you are and the event you are dreaming to have.

6. COVID-19 CONSIDERATIONS. Planning for a wedding for 2022 might not be as restrictive as it was the last 2 years (pandemic wise) but Covid-19 is still with us and this is something we should take under serious consideration. Since micro weddings are intimate by nature, they are ideal for being in line with the Covid-19 protocols. Our suggestion here is to choose an outdoor rather than an indoor wedding in order to enhance public health safety.

7. PERSONAL GUEST EXPERIENCE. The smaller the guest list, the easier is to connect with each guest personally. Since there is more individual time to spend with each one of your guests, you are given the chance to create quality bonds with each one of them!


A micro-wedding is the step between a large wedding and an elopement. It has been couples’ best choice since 2020 because it is accompanied by all sorts of benefits and hardly no drawbacks.

Micro weddings combine all the tradition, creativity, quality and fun you can afford and desire for a mind-blowing intimate wedding with a smaller (up to 40 guests max) guest list.

Destination Wedding: All There is to Know Before you Start Planning

Destination Wedding: All There is to Know Before you Start Planning

We know exactly the feeling. Your happiness has been beyond imagination since the day your partner proposed. The big day is coming and must be perfect, flawless and memorable. You must have already realized that it takes more than booking a venue to plan and design a destination wedding.

Do you feel overwhelmed? We claim that you shouldn’t. This is where our meticulous list of tips comes in to put everything in order for you. We highlight the issues you have to consider before you even start planning your event.

1. CHOICE OF DESTINATION. The place that will hold your event is very important, so your decision should be well weighed. Since it will play a crucial role in your event’s success, we suggest you spend some extra time on this aspect to make sure you covered all there is to it.

2. WEATHER. Check last year’s weather forecast to see what the weather will most probably be like on the days around your event. Weather is a very critical factor, especially if you are planning an outdoor event.

3. EASILY ACCESSIBLE. Your event must be held on a destination that is easily reachable by your family and friends. You have to consult a travel agent in order to find all the possible ways in which someone can reach your destination event. Keep in mind, though, that the harder it is to reach the area, the less likely it is for someone to attend.

4. FOOD & ACCOMMODATION. Do some extensive research about the food and accommodation choices. We suggest you make a visit, if you have the chance. Get information regarding the capacity, the quality of service and their availability in the period you are interested in. Become familiar with the dining possibilities your guests might have, the local cuisine and whether the restaurants you are referring to are able to cover special dining requests such as gluten-free or vegan meals.

5. ACTIVITIES. A good idea is to incorporate into your wedding program fun, nature and sport activities apart from the ceremony itself. Keep in mind that your guests will spend a few days before and after your wedding on the destination you have selected for them. For that reason, it would be a great idea to enrich their time resourcefully. Invite them to take part in a few activities that not only will they introduce the place itself to them but they will also keep them busy and entertained.

6. HIRE A PRO. You must have understood by now that a destination wedding cannot be easily planned without the help of a professional wedding planner. An experienced team will put everything together in order to make your dream possible. They, with the couple’s help, design and carefully plan all the details you possibly imagine (and those you don’t) in order to provide a flawless and stress-free event. They will be your voice and eyes on the spot in order for everything to be ready for you on your big day. Our suggestion on that one is to go for a local experienced professional and chances are that you will receive better prices by doing so.

7. BOOK EARLY. What you don’t want for your event is to become stressful. Rather, what you actually want is to have full control and make sure that everything will be in perfect place on the big day. For that reason, bookings should be made 12 months prior to the event. Contact your selected venue and ensure availability and quality of service. As soon as you are sure that your requests will be met in a professional way, secure the day on the venue’s calendar with a down-payment. To move deeper, make all your associate bookings (hotels, transportations etc), the trimester after your venue booking in order to make sure that you won’t miss a thing. The least you want to happen is to discover that the hotels in the area are full after you have planned everything.

8. PLAN YOUR GUEST LIST WISELY. Keep in mind that maybe a destination wedding choice seems perfect to you but it may not thrill everyone. If you dream a big wedding and your guest list is long, maybe this won’t come true as many people may choose not to attend. Therefore, pick your attendees wisely and make sure that they will honor you with their presence. By rule, destination weddings are for close friends and family.

9. SET A BUDGET. Don’t leave your wedding’s financial to chance. Set a budget limit and make wise choices in order to follow your financial plan. Keep in mind that your budget should not be very strict. Our experience suggests that you should consider a 20% over the initial budget for unexpected expenses.


Undoubtebly, designing and planning a destination wedding is stressful and needs a lot of work. By experience, a lot can go wrong if they haven’t been properly taken care of. Therefore, we highly suggest you seek a professional event planner when it comes to destination wedding planning. This kind of choice will save you time, money and effort and will provide you with a desirable, memorable and flawless result.