It’s great to meet you.

My name is Yianna Triliva, a passionate event designer and the founder of  “THE ISLET”. I am an Ithacan girl who gets inspired by the nature since I grew up in Ithaki, Greece . As a matter of fact, I love every corner of it. I live my happiest moments when I spend time by the sea having a little salt on my skin!

I couldn’t be prouder of this introduction of myself because 15 years ago my life was a lot different. I was an auditor-accountant working long hours without being able to express the creative side of myself.

In 2009, while I was planning my own wedding, I realized that the options a wedding couple had at their disposal ran out of flexibility and creativity and had to stick to what the venue had to offer. Unfortunately, not many things have changed since then. Although the market is full of choices, weddings still lack resourceful themes and meaningful design. I have to admit that I have attended a number of such events over the years. Although people spend time, money and effort on coordinating the selected vendors hired for their event, the result does not include their memories or aspirations and finally it’s not as exciting as it should be.

This is exactly what THE ISLET came to change.

THE ISLET” develops events for people who love their stories to be told and heard. For people and companies that are environmentally aware and want an in-nature event experience designed by a professional and rest assured that all the creativity and professionalism are incorporated for the perfect result!


We are certain that events are not just a bunch of unrelated choices. Weddings, on top of all events, should be well-designed to be remarkable and memorable. They should tell a story that is not only meaningful but also appealing and exciting. We design and develop different kinds of private and social events, such as weddings, corporate events, team outdoor events, adventure days, engagements, marriage proposals. We can’t hide, though, that we have a thing for elopements.

We give particular attention to every single detail because we believe that they make a huge difference to the overall outcome. Therefore, we handcraft most of our creations to keep the theme fully customizable and to make sure that everything goes according to the original plan.

With all that said, we welcome you to meet us and to discover Ithacan nature through the careful and resourceful planning of an ISLET event.

Yianna T.


We believe that humanity’s future is nature itself and we love seeing people looking for ways to have fun in nature while respecting it.

We are here to support your dreams and we work really hard to always exceed your expectations.

We highly value your trust. Dependability and accountability are our signature traits.