We are positive that you know a thing or maybe two about Ithaki. But do you think you know enough in order to be sure that your event will turn out “as it should be’?

Ithaki is the second smallest island on the Ionian Sea, Greece and it is inhabited by approximately 3,000 citizens. Apart from being absolutely breathtaking, it is also historic since it is identified as the home of King Ylysses. Therefore, it is mythical because there are places and archaeological findings connected to the Homeric poems and also to the ancient greek history.

Ithaki is far from just a destination. It is sunny, historic, colourful, funny and adventurous. But, above all, it is spontaneous.

You will be surprised by the discoveries you will make about the place, the greek mythology/history and culture. One visit is never enough. Once you step off our grounds, you will try to find ways to return, just like our legendary King, Ylysses. Here, you will feel that “something” that brings you closer to nature and to your inner self.


Ithaki has it all


Its beautiful landscape can be the perfect setting for your event.

Along the Ithacan coastline there are several small and large white-pebble beaches with blue/green waters. There is no better setting for your event and your days on the island.

Ithaki is cosmopolitan


Ithaki’s touristic capabilities have immensely increased over the last few years and are continuously increasing and evolving. Your needs and your guests’ expectations will be fulfiled on every possible level.

Ithaki is romantic


Along the island you will find several chapels and churches built on magnificent places that are ideal for your event.

Ithaki is unique

The islet named “Lazareto”, in the middle of Vathy’s natural harbour, is exactly what you are looking for your wedding. The chapel on it has accommodated many weddings so far since couples from all over the world are looking forward to getting married there.

Ithaki is interesting

There are places to visit, things to learn, sights to get amazed by, food to taste. Also, there are plenty of outdoor activities to do and places to see the days before and after your event date.