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event Logo vs event Branding

by | Dec 6, 2022

Why do we need event branding if we can only produce a logo?

To begin with, your event logo is not your event brand. Branding is often confused with logo production but guess what? It is clearly not.

Event branding is the result of a long and sophisticated process that includes not only your event culture and overall atmosphere but also the very essence of who you are as a host expressed in a logo. Event brand is just a part of your overall event identity which includes a series of complex marketing procedures in order to be formed.

Event logo on the other hand, is a simple graphic representation of your event. Period.

«An event brand is simply a marketing practice in which a company or organization creates a name, symbols, colours, messaging, and imagery that distinguish a unique identity for an event. »

Branding is expressed in several ways and all serve a unique purpose to the overall development of your event’s story:

  1. Logos
  2. Websites
  3. Applications
  4. Graphic Designs
  5. Colors
  6. Marketing material (email marketing, social media marketing etc)
  7. Messages

To be clear, logos serve multiple purposes as being part of a brand, therefore they are extremely important. But they are not the only thing you must focus on when you build an event identity.

The event branding process is actually what makes the difference among events and its careful design and execution is what distinguishes event success from failure.

As a result, there are many reasons to go a step further and choose branding, when it comes to planning an event. More specifically:

  1. Increase event experience. Hidden meanings will reassure your guests that your event is meticulously designed.
  2. Event recognition. The graphic representation of your event (logo) will help people not only to recognize it but also to remember it.
  3. Developing attendee trust. The more your company provides for its guests the more they trust it.
  4. Attendee satisfaction. Branding reassures your guests that your event is not only successful but it also meets advanced quality standards.

Businesses even more reasons to choose event branding for their next event:

  1. Advanced marketing and advertising methods. Event branding process sets the ground for advanced marketing and promotional methods to get in motion in order to increase event’s recognition and establish identity.
  2. Bring in new customers. Extensive marketing of your event, as being a standard part of event branding procedure, results in more people wanting to know what you up to.
  3. Brand recognition. A well designed event branding campaign (and logo) will expose your event to multiple social networks therefore it will increase its recognition rapidly and massively.
  4. Increase sales. What happens what we achieve recognition and trust? SALES, SALES, SALES.
  5. Employee satisfaction. It is proven that employees’ demonstrate a high level of satisfaction when they are being part of well-established companies.
  6. Spread company’s culture. Brands have company’s culture behind them. Through well designed advertising methods, your company becomes known and people are encouraged to learn more about your company’s philosophy and services.
  7. Increase business value. A tailored branding campaign gives value to your company as it provides customers the feeling of trust, quality and consideration.
  8. Create customer expectation. Every time your customers give a glimpse at your brand, will expect the same level of quality services.


Event branding is an extremely useful tool either for a private or a corporate event.  Through targeted marketing and advertising tactics your event becomes easily recognizable and your brand a quality symbol.

We, by all means, encourage corporations to include event branding in their overall marketing strategy since we have noticed huge differences on sales and overall business evolvement between companies having and not having followed that path.


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