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Wedding website explained: the need behind the trend

by | Nov 6, 2022

“Is a wedding website really necessary?” I have got to answer this question often lately.

To be exact, the real question behind it is this; “how is it even possible to organize an event effectively without having a digital tool involved?” This question is even more crucial nowadays that technology has stepped so deeply into our lives.

So, before answering it, let’s take a look at the definition of a wedding website first. A wedding website is a digital tool that includes every possible piece of information your guests might need to know about a coming event. It is prepared long before the big day and it involves analytical information concerning the event day as well as the days before and after the event. Practically, it is a guide that is giving solutions to all the possible issues that might concern your guests while their stay at your chosen destination i.e flights, transportation, accommodation, dining options, tourist guides and many, many more.

“How am I able to deal with it since I have a limited technological knowledge?”. The truth is that that there is a big dispute around wedding websites. They are still questionable by couples since some of them don’t feel familiar with technology. Or they feel overwhelmed by keeping up with it. This might be true but, in our opinion, a wedding website is one of the greatest tools a modern couple can implement while planning an event. One cannot ignore that research shows that wedding websites are highly valued by guests for their effectiveness and handiness.

We also have to highlight that to achieve the golden combination of usefulness, effectiveness and creativity, wedding websites should be prepared and followed up by a professional wedding expert with the skill to develop websites. That way, you make sure that your website will not only include all the necessary information that your guests need but it also will be presented with grace and style. At this point, we have to underline the importance of beautiful and creative presentation of the material included in a website. We can reassure you that plain information won’t do the job. Your site needs to be beautiful, appealing and easy to use and in order to achieve all that you need a creative person behind it that knows what he is doing. By experience, such an investment worths every single cent of it. Not to mention that it will save you tons of time that you should have to invest into other aspects of your wedding.

I still bet that you are asking yourselves “Is it a right fit for my wedding? Or it is just a trend that many follow?” So, let’s dive more into it.

Weddings websites can do much more than just replacing a paper invitation. Let’s name some of the most important benefits a wedding website can offer:

1. STRESS SAVER. No one can deny that weddings can be stressful if not properly and timely handled. This is actually the main reason we simply love wedding websites. If prepared by a professional wedding planner, they provide a way to put everything together and keep them under control up to the last minute. And what happens when we have everything under control? We get to enjoy the event without having stress.

2. ORGANIZATION. Planning and preparing a wedding is by itself, hard work. If this is the case, how about you getting some digital help? Let’s name a few things that can be included in a wedding website:

  • Digital Invitation and RSVPs.  Your wedding invitation can be distributed within minutes to all your guests without having to worry about misposting it. Furthermore, information regarding attendance can be collected easily (with the press of a button). The booking information you need for your venue, number of favors and all other issues can be now easily collected. Not to mention how accurate your budget planning can be since you won’t make purchases that you would have to cancel later on.
  • Travelling & tourist tips (flights, accommodation suggestion, transportation, dining possibilities, activities, tourist guides, sightseeing etc). We have all visited a place and not even knowing anything about it. Every piece of information your guests might need, from accommodation to trasportation timetables, will be mentioned in the tourist guide included and this again is a time, stress and money saver.
  • Gift registries. A wedding website can mention all the possible ways your guests can send you a wedding gift. The details of your gift registry or the link to your online gift registry can be there. You can, by all means, mention the number of your bank account for those who prefer to offer you money instead of a gift. Further details can also be mentioned such a the name of the person you have appointed to collect the gifts at the venue.
  • Special requests- Dietary requirements. Imagine you have invited a celiac patient to your reception and at the last minute you are finding out that there is nothing available for him to eat or drink. A wedding website can assist you in being more considerate with your guests and trying to approach their needs with the utmost sensitivity. Treating the needs of people with special dietary requirements or other special needs with consideration reveals the humane profile of yours and elevates your wedding to a fully new experience.
  • F.A.Q. Having a frequently asked question tab to your website is a way to answer several questions to guests who are hesitate to ask. Trust us, many questions have been answered by simply adding this to a website.

3. INSTANT DELIVERY OF INFORMATION (from & to your guests). When we say instant, we mean instant! The second you upload your site on the internet, it can be easily accessed by all guests. Within minutes all the information would be spread and everybody will learn everything there is to know about the upcoming event.

4. LAST MINUTE CHANGES. Having technology on your side, your guests can be informed with the latest changes on your schedule within seconds. Isn’t that great?

5. BIG DAY SNEAK PEAK. A tailored wedding website could be an excellent way of giving your guests sneak peek information of your big day. Your digital tool is going to give your guests a glimpse of what to expect on your wedding day (decoration information, colour palette, etc). Other information can as well be displayed in order to set the tone of the day and how your event is going to be. To give you a hint, a usual practice is an insight into your relationship (how you met, when and how he proposed, etc).

6. ESTABLISHMENT OF COMMUNICATION. We all have attended weddings that the guests didn’t know enough about the couple since were are coming either from the bride’s or the groom’s side. That issue is no longer a problem provided a wedding website has been put into the game. All the information a guest needs in order to attend the event is there as they are fully informed about the couple’s story, relatives etc. This is a wonderful way to make your wedding a personalized experience since all your guests won’t miss a single piece of information and will feel more engaged to the experience you are offering them.

7. MONEY SAVER. It is a fact that wedding expenses are easily piling up. Many of these expenses can be easily replaced by investing only in a single thing; a wedding website. That way, one can erase several items of a wedding to-do list such as invitations, phone calls, booking arrangements, details that must be confirmed more than once with your guests. You will definetyly enjoy the amount of money saved!

8. ECO-FRIENDLY. A wedding website promotes ecological sustainability. It is a fact that our planet needs our attention and a wedding is a perfect opportunity to prove it. A website gives you the chance to achieve everything you that would have been done in paper without using it. Saving the paper from invitations, RSVPs, thank you cards and all the other paper, plastic and fabric material that go with them (stamps, envelopes, etc), you pay the planet-and your pocket-a favor.

9. POST-WEDDING SHARING OF MEMORIES. A wedding website can be an excellent way to communicate all the after-party details to your guests. Photos of the ceremony and the reception can be uploaded on the website after the event ends and stay there for as long as you decide to maintain the website. You can keep your memories from your event alive and you and your guests can go back and relive it as many times as they like. After all, nice things become nicer when shared.


A wedding website is an excellent, low-budget digital tool for communicating your wedding details and all the latest news of your event. It is wonderful to know what a huge impact a click of a button can do on the overall planning of your wedding.

Our suggestion is to definitely go for it provided you make use the experience of a wedding expert while preparing for it. Such a wonderful tool needs special attention since both creative and organizational skills need to be put into motion in order to achieve its purpose.


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